Our Services

We offer a fully integrated service, from design and planning through to a fully installed garden.

We offer professional, comprehensive advise from the get-go ensuring our clients get exactly what they want, on time and on budget.

Consider expanding your office onto the roof: This largely unused space could become the new hot spot for you and your clients: an outdoor meeting room, rooftop bar and client entertainment area, a sustainable food forest... the possibilities to transform your rooftop are endless - not to mention the numerous benefits planting on a roof can bring.

Food forests are not just a trend that are rapidly taking off around the world, they are real life, economical, practical and sustainable options to cheap, easy and healthy living - and we live in a climate that is perfect for fast growth and an end product that is GM free.  

Want to get away from it all - even for just an hour or so? a secret garden may be just the ticket. Using indigenous and endemic planting, your garden will be filled with butterflies and birds before you know it. Insect hotels and bat houses will also ensure a variety of bird life keep coming back to visit.

Do power outages leave you worried that your security isn't quite enough? Africa has some of the best plants to keep your security at a maximum. A variety of indigenous plants are on hand to ensure that your property's perimeter is almost impenetrable. And not just spiky succulents and thorn trees, some of the greatest security barriers can be grown into a hedge or up a wall, are attractive and even perfume the air with a pleasant aroma. Great natural security, a magnet for birds and butterflies plus appealing to the senses - just one of the ways we aim to make this great city greater and safer - because at the end of the day, let's not forget... It's a jungle out there.  



"The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses."                                                       - Hanna Rion